Naples Bulk sales, Debt and Bank REO

We are a company directly in touch with FDIC, local banks, builders and other Debt/ OREO sellers. To include 1st position senior debt, Pre- foreclosure sales from the Court steps to the bank direct to you. we broker these opportunistic deals direct to you.
This blog announcement is to give SEC qualified type of buyers a notice and opportunity for qualified buyers to acquire a substantial portfolios of discounted Notes/REO properties at one time or commercial assets as debt or OREO. High end Luxury Jumbo loans/ REO homes or condos on the beach as well.

Mike Rivera,
Ferrer & Associates,LLC

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Commercial REO Investments Package

Commercial REO Investments Package

We are direct - no intermediaries - to to a Commercial bank that is looking to dispose of its investment portfolio. The portfolio is some triple net lease properties and smaller Industrial properties in fl

Intermediaries - to a maximum of 1 - are acceptable and will be compensated but MUST get out of the way. We will only deal with buyer directly. Proof of funds and LOI to get started

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