Naples Bulk sales, Debt and Bank REO

We are a company directly in touch with FDIC, local banks, builders and other Debt/ OREO sellers. To include 1st position senior debt, Pre- foreclosure sales from the Court steps to the bank direct to you. we broker these opportunistic deals direct to you.
This blog announcement is to give SEC qualified type of buyers a notice and opportunity for qualified buyers to acquire a substantial portfolios of discounted Notes/REO properties at one time or commercial assets as debt or OREO. High end Luxury Jumbo loans/ REO homes or condos on the beach as well.

Mike Rivera,
Ferrer & Associates,LLC

Friday, December 18, 2009

$115MM Performing & Non-Performing Loan FL Portfolio

1st a letter of authorization from you the buy to me your representative
2nd a Buyer NDA and Letter of Intent (LOI) with final name in which title will be held and the amount of your preliminary bid. If the purchaser is a corporation, you must include sufficient evidence that the corporation is in good standing with the Secretary of State in the state in which the corporation was formed.

2) Buyer Proof of Funds (POF) currently on deposit with wire capability in the amount of the bid.

3) Deposit Escrow must be opened of $100,000 held by the your attorney then transfers to bank (on GOV BIDS).


The portfolio consists of 63 loans secured by commercial and residential land located primarily in Florida. The portfolio will be stratified into pools based on collateral type, performance, geographic location and borrower relationships. The website for Offering #100127 will be available on Monday, December 21, 2009. Prospective Bidders will be allowed to bid on individual pools or a combination of pools.

Final Bid date is Jan 27th 2010
E-Mail for your required documents

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