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We are a company directly in touch with FDIC, local banks, builders and other Debt/ OREO sellers. To include 1st position senior debt, Pre- foreclosure sales from the Court steps to the bank direct to you. we broker these opportunistic deals direct to you.
This blog announcement is to give SEC qualified type of buyers a notice and opportunity for qualified buyers to acquire a substantial portfolios of discounted Notes/REO properties at one time or commercial assets as debt or OREO. High end Luxury Jumbo loans/ REO homes or condos on the beach as well.

Mike Rivera,
Ferrer & Associates,LLC

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8 SINGLE FAMILY Residential home Bulk sale

8 SFR home Bulk sale in SWFL.  (southwest Florida)

Price  $1M 
For 8 SINGLE FAMILY homes, 100% rented to Buyers with LEASE OPTIONS!
One of the homes comps out at $250,000 to 300,000 in a gulf access community. 

Current NOI approximation $65,000 

All homes 100% rehabbed in 2010

SWFL  6.5 Cap rate in place with an 11.8% IRR over 10 year hold.
ROI 128%. or 8.6 % per year

NOI $65,000   to     Proforma of    $73k

Retail Market Value $1.4M 

Future value:

Total BTCF Income $ 730,000 in 10 years of Net  cash income

Selling    Price: 2,000,000  to 2,500,000       Year 10  Conservative
Selling Costs:       90,000          Broker fees/ commissions
Net Proceeds:   1,910,000 
Mortgage Balance: 0 

Before-tax Reversion: 1,910,000               
Taxes due on sale:          284,100
After-Tax reversionEq 1,625,900
Minus cost equity  -      1,030.000
sum                              =  $595,900 Profit sale if the asset sells 500ks more add 430k to this 1.25M
Plus Income              + 730,000 Profit Income
Total Profit                  1,325,910                     or        $1,755,000

ROI                                    128.7%
Annualized return             8.6% per year

confidential for principlas only. No Brokers REQUEST CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT

Mike Rivera,
Investment Real Estate Analyst 
Naples Fl 

MikeRivera  AT
Mike Rivera, Ferrer & Associates

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