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We are a company directly in touch with FDIC, local banks, builders and other Debt/ OREO sellers. To include 1st position senior debt, Pre- foreclosure sales from the Court steps to the bank direct to you. we broker these opportunistic deals direct to you.
This blog announcement is to give SEC qualified type of buyers a notice and opportunity for qualified buyers to acquire a substantial portfolios of discounted Notes/REO properties at one time or commercial assets as debt or OREO. High end Luxury Jumbo loans/ REO homes or condos on the beach as well.

Mike Rivera,
Ferrer & Associates,LLC

Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 units Luxury Condo,Bulk Sale in Naples Florida

New 10 units Luxury Condo,Bulk Sale in Naples Florida. Just purchased from Bank as a Note. and Just finished by the new note holder all units have 10 year warranty's on structure and appliances..
Avg Sq Ft Sales in this market are 500 a foot.
avg sq ft sales for units 1500 to 2200 sq ft avg 389 a foot.

Your Price to acquisition all 10 units and 20,000 sq ft of rare Olde naples Luxury product.

$210 or $4,035,000 off market Private sale. Sign NCND.
NCND (confidentiality agreement)

A bit about Mike Rivera. Im a 42 year old Broker for 17 years in the Business and 26 years living here in this market./ Im a former licensed RE Appraiser with countrywide. Mortgage broker as well and purchase Income Investment property for myself and my Investors and capital Partners. Im always on the look out for capital partner and committed buyers who understand the income and hold
We constantly purchase Bulk units, condos, Duplex, Quadplex, apartments, NNN, Commercial retail plazas hold and rent units based on a 5 to 7 year proforma and then sell. We also acquisition for arbitrage yields and perform quick turnarounds.
I have superior customer service, immediate turnaround time.

Mike Rivera,
Investment Real Estate Analyst
Star Capital Group
Naples Fl
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Mike Rivera, Ferrer & Associates,LLC

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