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We are a company directly in touch with FDIC, local banks, builders and other Debt/ OREO sellers. To include 1st position senior debt, Pre- foreclosure sales from the Court steps to the bank direct to you. we broker these opportunistic deals direct to you.
This blog announcement is to give SEC qualified type of buyers a notice and opportunity for qualified buyers to acquire a substantial portfolios of discounted Notes/REO properties at one time or commercial assets as debt or OREO. High end Luxury Jumbo loans/ REO homes or condos on the beach as well.

Mike Rivera,
Ferrer & Associates,LLC

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Southwest Fl Bulk sale waterfront sold at 80% of current value

Another Bulk sale down for waterfront sold at 80% of current value.
Prices up in swfl 25% since 1st 1/4 of 2010

Canadian Investment Group Lofton Island , LLLP has acquired 224 developer-owned units in the Oasis Tower II condo project from Oasis Associates, LLC. The purchase price for the 224 units was $36.7M ($163K/unit). Lofton Island plans to continue the leasing program in this tower.

Based on currentprices in River District high-rise projects, this average cost per unit of $163K is a bit closer to retail than I was anticipating for a bulk transaction at 80%. Shifting this block of 224 units out of unsold inventory and into a rental portfolio is a very positive event for the Fort Myers high-rise market. Buyers will have more comfort purchasing the remaining units in Oasis Tower I without the huge unsold inventory of Tower II hanging over the project like a black cloud.

Downtown ft myers has an influx of new residents, new nightclub, National retailers, near downtown this could all be good for the entire community, the new publix and new construction start of townhomes at the publix plaza at high point High rise.

Bulk sales available

415 Unit High Rise 24 story Riverfront Hotel Dark at Yaht Club needs 10/15M in renovations.
( prime location like Oasis. Reposition opportunity to acquisition 500,000 sq ft of riverfront high assets.1 full city block of land hard corner at the bridge. Im direct to owner and they are motivated to sell this asset.
21 Unit High Rise Ocean view Class AAA

Prime Stable:

Olde Naples(port Royal sub market) High affluent market Units
10 New construction never lived in units, Market rate 305 perm sw ft, purchase 207 a sq ft.

Class B

68 unit available In Naples Fl as well. 60,000 per unit Conversion all 100% owned..
55 Unit off davis blvd In Naples fl Broken conversion.

320 unit Class B apts Naples, Fl (listed by other broker)

a quick note

always looks bigger going than coming.

For many procrastinating real estate buyers Bye, bye! The above proves this ponit.

Let em update you with my real estate appraiser hat.

1. The bottom of the market was reached sometime in end of 2009 1st 1/2 2010.

2. If you would have purchased a condo or a town home in Estero 6 months ago you would have a 30k to 50k equity position in your property today this is almost across the board in 33928.

3. If you would have purchased the same type of highly distressed product in Olde Naples by end of 2009 thru summer of 2010. You would have close to a 45 dollar per sq ft equity yield on your holding. x the sq ft of your acquisition.

I love been a real estate appraiser and Broker it is with this knowledge that i track sub markets in SWFL as they decline or appreciate. and real estate is truly valued up or down by mere neighborhood characteristics, in small pockets or puds only. Nonetheless it is good news for you sellers out there.

Buyers get off of the wall, its time to dance and Im playing your song..... and BTW the song is 1/2 way over.

Contact Mike Rivera for more information on the above assets. or other Naples fl condo bulk sales.


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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bulk Sales opportunity! Investment package of Townhomes and Single family Residential

Bulk Sales opportunity! Investment package of Townhomes and SFR

20 Units total

14 Single Family Residential Homes Cape Coral + Lehigh acres Fl all newer 2002 + all fully rehabbed to new ready to sell or move in condition , 6 of them rented as rent to own,. 2 out of 14 of them in Lehigh acres,Fl.

2Townhomes Estero, Fl
4 Condos Estero, Fl
all rented to FGCU Students and Faculty at FGCU University

7.9 cap of proforma

Current Income is on 6 SFR homes only at 108,000 gross, possibly 95,000 in NOI cost to owner is only Property tax & INS (12k) for the Rent to own lessors.

Potential NOI $150,238 after expenses hoa fees etc
No Low Ball offers accepted. Discount opportunity NOT Distressed.
Direct Buyers with proof of funds only. No Proof No deal sent.

DownLoad NCND sign and send back to


Photos of actual Homes